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5 Habits for Beautiful Nails | Skin Actives

5 Habits for Beautiful Nails | Skin Actives

Posted by Dr. Hannah Sivak and Brendan Leonard on Feb 23rd 2021

Everyone sees your hands, and you have to use them for just about everything.

So what about your nails? Your nails are part of your hands, and while you might be spending time taking care of the dry skin on the back of your hands, 

or the cracking along the edge of your fingers, 

or the calluses on your palms, 

you may have forgotten all about the nails on the tips of your fingers!

Even if you put a lot of effort into your nails, maybe you could be doing more to ensure the health of this important part of your physiology!

The Biology of the Nail

Your nails are not skin, that’s for sure! But what are they? The answer will help us learn how to take care of them.

Your nails are composed of successive layers of a fibrous structural protein called keratin. Keratins are found in animals that have spinal columns everywhere and they have different ways of manifesting. In humans, keratins make nails and hair with even the topmost layer of human skin cells containing keratin within them.

5 Beneficial Habits For Your Nails

The habits necessary to take the best care of your nails are very consistent and clear. Let Skin Actives help you!

  1. Let Your Nails Breath - If you polish your nails or go to a nail salon on a regular basis, make sure to give them a break in between and apply our products to help strengthen your nails after damaging them with manicures.
  1. Keep Them Safe From Harmful Chemicals - Did you know that your nails are actually more porous than your skin? That seems non-intuitive, but it’s true! This means that only do you have to keep your nails as clean as your skin, but also that you need to be aware of the chemicals that might try and seep into your body via your nails. Be aware of what you are submerging your hands in!
  1. Moisturize Your Nails - That’s right, your nails need moisture too. Dry, brittle nails can be even worse for you than dry, brittle skin. Cracks in nails can be incredibly painful, impacting every aspect of your daily routine. Worse still, the open wounds on cracked and damaged nails can actually create opportunities for infection which can be catastrophic for your overall health.
  1. Strengthen Your Nails - Your nails literally exist to help protect the tips of your fingers. But ironically, your nails that seem so tough, actually need a lot of help from you. Make sure that your nails are getting the vitamins and nutrients that they need to stay healthy and strong, Then they will work for you, not against you.
  1. Use the Right Products - Use a Skin Actives Nail Repair product to make sure that you are getting the most out of steps three and four!

Nail Innovations

Skin Actives has two great products to support nail health and wellness!

Nail Serum with ROS BioNet™ and Apocynin - This is our state-of-the-art formulation for nail care. Not only does it contain the rich nutrients your nails need to be healthy, but it also has Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) to stimulate the growth of those keratin protein structures we talked about before. On top of that, it has ROS ™, our patented blend of antioxidants, and Apocynin for maximum antioxidant action.

Nail and Cuticle Oil Serum - Your nails love oil. Why? Because oil is so rich in vitamins and nutrients. If you’d like to kick your nails into shape, start with our Nail and Cuticle Oil Serum, spilling over with the rich blend of vitamins your nails need to grow healthy and strong.

Don’t let the similarity of the names of these two great products fool you; they function differently and work better together. Now, Nail Serum with ROS BioNet™ and Apocynin is a water-based serum, so it should go on your nails first, applied around the cuticle giving the KGF better access to the nail matrix which actually grows the plate, the visible portion that we consider to be the nail. Apply in a thin coat and give it a chance to dry and absorb.

Next coat your nails in a thin layer of Nail and Cuticle Oil Serum. Like the product says, this is an oil so it will lock in that layer of water-based nutrients. Meanwhile, the sweet almond, shea and flaxseed oils, along with many others, will be feeding your nails with vitamin-rich nutrients.