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5 Way To Relieve Stress To Do Today | Skin Actives

5 Way To Relieve Stress To Do Today | Skin Actives

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Mar 24th 2020

There’s really no argument, we are living in stressful times.

Whether you’ve been asked to work from home or are still making the commute into work, taking care of yourself has reached a new level of importance. It’s never been more important to do the sorts of things doctors in wellness magazines have been advocating for years: eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise, fresh air and a moderate amount of sun.

But you should also try to do one thing for yourself every day! Here are some ideas to take the edge off and treat yourself in these stressful times:

5 Ways To Relieve Stress

  • Apply a Facial mask - Facial masks are a great way to slow down, have fun and relieve some stress. They are also great for your skin so don’t just treat your face! Apply some to your hands as well, they have been taking on a lot of work over the last couple of weeks.
  • Give Yourself a Manicure – Going to the nail salon is not a great idea right now. But that doesn’t mean you should stop taking care of yourself. Grab an at-home manicure set the next time you are on a grocery run and follow up with some of our awesome nail care serum.
  • Gently Exfoliate - Get your face feeling healthy and fresh with a light exfoliation! Our Alpha Beta Solution will do the trick, or consider our Vitamin C 20%. While you are at it, don’t neglect your hard working feet and give them a gentle dose of exfoliation too.
  • Take a Hot Bath – A good soak in some hot (but not too hot) water is good for your tense muscles and for your respiratory system. It’s not a bad idea to take care of both right now! Mix some Rosehip Seed Oil or Squalane into your bath water and benefit from extra soft skin.
  • Get a Massage - This one comes in at number five because not all of us are fortunate enough to be working through our confinement with a partner. But if we are, put them to work! Our Squalane Oil makes for a nice healthy massage oil that will soften your skin while working out the tension in your shoulders. After you’ve had a turn, be a pal and return the favor!

  • In order to help you through your confined doldrums, we’re offering 10% off on some of these relaxation inducing products for a limited time. Get some nail serum or oil, Alpha beta solution, Vitamin C 20%, Squalane or Rosehip Oil for 10% off in our webstore, right now.

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