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Back to School, Back to Basics!

Back to School, Back to Basics!

Posted by Dr. Hannah Sivak with Brendan Leonard on Aug 17th 2021

So it’s that time of year again when it seems like people are trundling off to school everywhere you look.

Whether it’s little kids experiencing the first trials of all-day school, or high-schoolers on the cusp of adulthood, or the next generation of American leaders and workers packing off to college, the back-to-school phenomenon is rolling across the nation this fall affecting everyone a little differently.

So, what was your experience going to school?

Do you remember the leaves changing color and buying a brand new set of pencils fondly? Or do you associate the rigors of organized learning with anxiety?

We’ve all had different experiences that color our perceptions of these events differently!

Back to Skin Care Fundamentals

One of the things that we potentially have in common is a dread of what are now called STEM classes. STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Back when we were kids, this was probably just science and math, and you had to be in a special program to be getting any of the engineering or technology.

These interconnected disciplines make up not only the blueprint that we use to understand the world around us, but allow us to conceive of potential actions that will allow us to affect the physical world. What does that mean for Skin Actives Scientific? It means that by understanding how these broad areas of study interrelate, we can create theories about how excellent skin care can work. Once we have a theory, we can put it into practice.

Below are some of the broadly put disciplines of science. Maybe you learned about these when you were in school, maybe you are learning about them now. While some of these concepts may seem remedial, they are worth thinking about to help define your skin care conversation.

Biology - To put it simply, biology is the study of living organisms. This is great for skin care of course, because we are living organisms, but also because our bodies have to react to the living organisms all around us and inside of us. We’re surrounded by plant life and bacteria, and those life forms influence our skin health as well as our skin protecting us from our environments.

Chemistry - Chemistry is defined as the study of the substances that compose matter and the way that those substances interact with one another. This may seem a bit more esoteric than biology. Well, as we’ve seen in our discussions of oxidation, it matters a lot! The composition of the chemicals that make up your body and the way that they interact form the definition of life itself. It is these balances and imbalances that we try to address using skin care as an intermediary.

Physics - Isn’t physics just about Rube Goldberg machines and “an object in motion stays in motion”? Yes and no. Physics is the study of matter, motion, and energy, literally the elemental stuff that composes the universe. Chemistry tells us how substances compose matter, and physics tells us how that matter interacts with different forms of energy, such as heat, or light. These things are critical to skin care! Think of the heat that your body creates, the way the food you eat is converted into energy for your body to use or the effect that the sun has on your skin. All of these interactions are fueled by physics!

Mathematics - Mathematics (or maths to our friends abroad) is the abstract science of number, quantity and space. While skin care might not be exactly related to the study of the field of mathematics, it’s important to remember that for those of us not lost in the outer fringes of theory, mathematics is really more of a language. It’s a way that we can use a shared understanding of quantity and value; and being able to be basically fluent in this language is critical to the most fundamental aspects of skin care formulation. The practicality of formulation aside, mathematics represents the universal language of interactions so that we can encapsulate and communicate our understanding of biology, chemistry and physics.

How does this all relate to skin care?

It might seem on the surface that the only one of these disciplines that matters is biology. And certainly, biology matters a great deal. But when we just briefly survey these incredibly deep disciplines from a high level we can see how they all work together. 

Our bodies are living things composed of chemicals. Those chemicals interact and transfer energy. In order to communicate about those relationships we must master the basics of mathematics, the universal language.

So, at the end of the day, the subjects that may seem to some to be the most daunting are the ones that we need to master a level of conversance in, in order to reach the fullness of potential with our skin care. Remember, skin care is a function of overall health and health leads directly into our own sense of beauty and confidence!

Class is in Session

So in order to look and feel our best this school year, here are a couple of ways that you can use Skin Actives products to achieve your best skin health this fall term.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum with EGF - The newest kid in class is our brand-new Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF). With moisturizing hyaluronic acid and cell-renewal promoting EGF, your skin will be feeling not only full and soft in no time, but smooth to the touch. This product was developed around one of our most popular pairings, give it a shot and find out why!

Ultra Clarifying Blemish Oil - Put our brand new blemish fighting oil on irritated areas overnight to see big results that will get you through the school year. This blend of soothing oils was selected to deprive the p. acnes bacteria of the food that it needs to reproduce inside your pores. Meanwhile, it includes actives that discourage redness and infection all while promoting even more cell turnover! It’s a no-brainer.

Advanced Ageless Day Cream with SPF 30 - Sunscreen is the ultimate, tie-it-all-together step in your skin care routine. Sometimes sunscreen feels oily, or heavy or maybe it can just feel like a hassle to put on right before you head out the door. Our Advanced Ageless Day Cream has a sizzling SPF 30 to match the antioxidant action of apocynin and our patented blend of free radical scouring ROS* BioNet™. Whether you are trying to get yourself to class, or someone else, it’s the perfect topper for when you are short on time.

No matter what Skin Actives family, we hope that this new school year is a happy and productive time for you and your family! Thanks for stopping by once again, check back here Friday when we have a brand new blog ready just for you!