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Embrace the Season with Our Limited Edition Gingerbread Lip Oil!

Embrace the Season with Our Limited Edition Gingerbread Lip Oil!

Posted by Susan Katz on Nov 10th 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and at Skin Actives, we believe in celebrating it with style and skincare. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our Limited Edition Gingerbread Lip Oil for 2023. This enchanting lip treatment is designed to keep your lips soft, supple, and full of festive cheer throughout the holidays. Let's dive into the details and discover why our Gingerbread Lip Oil is a must-have for the season!

Gingerbread Magic: A Flavorful Treat for Your Lips

As you open the elegantly designed package of our Limited Edition Gingerbread Lip Oil, you'll be greeted with a warm, comforting gingerbread aroma. It's like a nostalgic journey to cozy winter days filled with the scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. The delicious flavor of gingerbread is a delightful reminder of holiday indulgences, making this lip oil a true treat for the senses.

Natural Ingredients for Nourished Lips

At Skin Actives, we are committed to using the finest natural ingredients in our products. Our Gingerbread Lip Oil is no exception. It's formulated with a blend of skin-loving components to ensure your lips receive the care they deserve:

  • Avocado Oil: This ingredient is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, offering deep hydration and promoting soft, nourished lips.
  • Mango Seed Butter: Known for its emollient properties, it locks in moisture and keeps your lips feeling smooth and healthy.
  • Kokum Seed Butter: With excellent moisture retention qualities, kokum seed butter provides long-lasting hydration.
  • Jojoba Seed Oil: Known for its ability to balance the skin's natural oils, jojoba seed oil leaves your lips feeling supple and revitalized.

The Power of Ginger: Soothing and Comforting

The star ingredient in our Gingerbread Lip Oil is Zingiber Officinale (Ginger) Root Oil. Beyond its enchanting aroma, ginger has soothing properties that can provide relief to your lips, especially during the dry winter months. Ginger is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it an ideal choice to nurture and calm the delicate skin of your lips.

Antioxidant-Rich Blend for Protection

We've enriched our lip oil with antioxidants like Pomegranate Seed Oil, Tocopherols, and Astaxanthin. These ingredients help protect your lips from environmental stressors, keeping them looking radiant and healthy. Tocopherols, tocotrienols, lycopene, xanthophyll, and beta-carotene provide advanced lip care, ensuring your lips are pampered and have a natural sheen.

Deep Hydration and Integrity

The lip oil's formulation includes Cholesteryl Oleyl Carbonate, Cholesteryl Nonanoate, Cholesteryl Chloride, also known as Liquid Crystal to maintain the integrity of your lips' moisture barrier. Squalane and Tocopherol enhance the hydrating properties, keeping your lips soft, supple, and protected against dryness.

Embrace the season with our Limited Edition Gingerbread Lip Oil and enjoy its soothing, hydrating, and aromatic benefits. Whether you're cozied up by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa, or sharing warm moments with loved ones, your lips will be ready to greet the season with a festive spirit. Don't miss out on this exclusive holiday offering; it's time to make your lips the star of the show this holiday season!

Get yours today, while supplies last! Buy now before they are gone!