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Holiday Shipping News and a Season of Giving at Skin Actives

Holiday Shipping News and a Season of Giving at Skin Actives

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Sep 28th 2021

If you were watching the calendar closely last week you may have noticed that Wednesday, September 22nd was the first day of autumn! The full moon was a couple of nights before so the fall season is already off to a great start.

With the weather cooling down in many places, football on TV every weekend, and the return of everyone’s favorite flavor/scent profile (pumpkin spice!), it's time to start getting prepared for the season!

You know what’s next: in as much time as it takes you to blink you’ll be assembling Halloween costumes, setting the table for Thanksgiving, rushing around to make sure your Christmas shopping is done, putting up the lights and boom! Then it’s all over and done!

To help you make it through this incredibly busy time of year, Skin Actives Scientific is offering you a guide to what we’ll be doing to make things a little slower and hopefully, a lot easier!

Holiday Shipping Alert!

Skin Actives ships the vast majority of our packages through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Overall, this makes us able to keep the price of shipping low, which is a savings we then pass to you, the customer.

Now it’s been a year but we can probably all remember what a nightmare the holiday season was for shipping last year. As much better as things have gotten, guess what: they’re telling us that USPS shipping will be even more challenging this year.

So much so in fact that the USPS is going to be raising rates on a temporary basis from October 3rd through December 26th

To accommodate for this, Skin Actives is forced to change our standard shipping as well.

For the last two years Skin Actives Scientific has offered Free Shipping on every standard order in the United States. We won’t be able to continue this for the duration of the Postal Service’s price hike unfortunately without raising prices. So instead we’ve decided to implement a small shipping fee of just 99 cents per order only to cover the difference.

So starting October 3rd and running through December 26th 2021, we’re offering 99 cent shipping on all standard (non-courier) orders to be delivered in the United States. 

We’re really encouraging people to order early this year and beat the rush! Who knows what else is going to happen. Fingers crossed!

Insurance & Tracking with RouteApp

If holiday shipping is already bumming you out, we have an extra step of protection you can use.

Earlier this year we implemented RouteApp on the Skin Actives Scientific checkout page. You’ll see it before you confirm your order. When you check the box next to RouteApp, you’ll receive a 99 cent upcharge and get an additional layer of tracking information PLUS 100% insurance coverage in the event that your package goes missing. All you have to do is notify RouteApp that you haven’t received your parcel and we’ll receive an automated order to reship your package. It’s that easy!

The Season of Giving

Now, onto the main event.

This year has been a little different in the way that it feels, don’t you think? And it comes after a year that was, quite frankly, unprecedented in the memories of modern Americans. There is definitely a feeling in the air that it’s time for more than just a change of seasons, it’s time for a whole new way of doing things.

In this inflection point for all Americans, Skin Actives is taking a bit of a step back from the cycle of intense consumption this holiday season. We’re still going to do some sales, sure, but this year we’re skipping the 12 Days of Deals.

Instead, we’re looking for ways to give back and we’re calling it the Season of Giving.

We have four great promotions lined up for you. For each of these promotions we have curated a non-profit whose mission we believe in. Instead of doing a discount for that week or a flash sale, we’re going to donate 10% of our proceeds from sales over a 4-Day period to the selected non-profit. That way, when you buy, instead of receiving a 10% discount, you are putting money directly towards a cause that we think is important and we hope you’ll think is important too.

Be watching here to see the exact dates on each promotion, but take a second and let us introduce you to who it is we’re sponsoring this year!

Trees, Water & People - Trees, Water & People is fighting deforestation in New Mexico, South Dakota and throughout Central and South America. With a special focus on the lands of indigenous peoples, this work is close to our hearts. The future of peoples worldwide will be determined by the strength of our forests.

The Grand Canyon Trust - Skin Actives is proud to be an Arizona company. And part of Arizona's great legacy is the Grand Canyon! Despite being named one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, the Grand Canyon is under constant threat of development. It is our duty as Arizonans to protect the singular beauty of this one of a kind monument to the power of the natural world!

Arizona’s Children Association - The world is a hard place, and someone needs to speak on behalf of children without parents. Unfortunately this heartbreaking and ultimately vital work falls on the shoulders of not-for-profit organizations that must ensure not only the safety and well-being of children who have lost the ability to rely on their parents, but also to their happiness as well. Money generated this week will go to fund a merry Christmas to children in Arizona’s hardest hit communities.

Leaping Bunny - Skin Actives is proud to be among the 2000+ Leaping Bunny certified companies that renew our pledge every year not to test on animals. We see our commitment to cruelty free formulations as the same as our commitment to the environment and we’re looking forward to helping Leaping Bunny get the word out about businesses that take this as seriously as we do.

So there you have it, Skin Actives family! SO MUCH going on! We know that all the stress of shopping and shipping is a lot this year and we’re here with you in the thick of it. We hope that you’ll be as happy to help these worthy causes as we are. Keep your eyes peeled here for dates on these co-op promotions as well as some great deals to help make your holiday shopping more accessible and fun!

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom Skin Actives Family! Check back with us Friday for a BIG SURPRISE!