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If You Are Stressed, So Is Your Skin | Skin Actives

If You Are Stressed, So Is Your Skin | Skin Actives

Posted by Dr. Hannah Sivak and Brendan Leonard on Jul 26th 2022

No Stress Tips For Stressed Out Skin

Well, a lot of people are looking at the developments of 2021 and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 2020 was a hard year for everyone, and there is really no reason to go back through all of that again. But let’s just say, that if you are feeling a little frazzled, a little frayed, a little stressed out...that’s okay. It’s only natural.

And now that it seems like things may be evening out? There is a stress that comes with that too! There’s a lot of anticipation in the air. Some people can’t wait to get out of the house, while others are feeling a lot of anxiety about venturing out into the world again for the first time in a year.

Stress is your reaction to the world around you. Stress isn’t just the feeling of irritability that comes with a big presentation at work. It also comes from the weight of cars traveling over a bridge, or a disagreement in a relationship. 

The things that are causing stress, we call stressors, and our skin feels them too. If you were to pinch your skin hard, that’s a stressor, but so are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in your diet, a really intense chemical peel, or your own feelings of anxiety about the state of the world or a relationship.

Stressors affect our physical aging! The way these things make us feel is going to manifest in our appearance and we may carry that around with us for a long time.

So, what can we do?

5 Skin De-stressing Treatments

  1. See Yourself the Way Others See You - Have you ever complained about a blemish and someone said, “it’s not as bad as you think”? They weren’t just being sweet to you. We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to really seeing ourselves. So, even though this is one of life’s great challenges, and you don’t have to start doing it overnight, start to see yourself the way others do. Forgive yourself for your minor imperfections that others look past anyway. And certainly, certainly, don’t excruciate yourself in front of a reflective surface magnifying what you see as flaws in both your eyes, and your mind!
  2. Switch Up Your Cleanser - We’ve been brought up by advertising to think more is always better. But when it comes to your skin, often less is more. Skin cleansed with detergents and alcohols will dry it and kill cells, stripping your skin of valuable lipids and proteins. Instead, emphasize moisture. Switch up your cleanser to something gentle that will moisturize your skin and only remove that which the environment leaves behind.
  3. Mask + Relaxation = Bliss - After rinsing away your gentle cleanser, consider applying a mask! Skin Actives has a wide variety of masks for a wide variety of purposes, and we outline some below. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to sneak in a cheeky half hour of relaxing sleep, or maybe a chapter in that novel you are reading. Summer is almost here after all, and with it comes summer reading!
  4. Refill Your Lipids - When mask-time is over, apply a thin coat of one of our lipid cocktails. Again, less is more here: you don’t want to feel oily and heavy. But your skin is hungering for the vitamins and minerals that keep it healthy, and this is a great time to feed it! While your face is the area everyone sees first, don’t forget your arms, legs and hands!
  5. Healthy Fundamentals - Don’t forget physical activity and nourishing meals. Every collagen peptide, vitamin, and mineral may not make it to your skin - they are needed throughout your body, after all - but a healthy body can take better care of skin and scalp. And remember, a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of all health, from your skin, to your organs to your mind!

De-stress Your Skin with Our Top Products

Skin Actives Scientific carries a wide selection of items to keep your skin nourished and take the stress off! Follow this routine to “de-stress” your skin! 

Gentle Cream Face Cleanser - Stop stripping out your natural oils by switching to our Gentle Cream Face Cleanser! This cleanser works great for those with naturally dry or sensitive skin, but it’s also the perfect antidote to cleansers that have been overdoing it.

Glycolic Alpha Beta Exfoliant - Lock the door, apply this exfoliating solution and take a quick break for yourself! Our Glycolic Acid Exfoliator renews the surface of the skin while it hydrates and softens, all while imbuing anti-aging benefits.

Every Lipid Serum - Embrace the power of oils with our Every Lipid Serum. This melange of essential fatty acids will feed and soothe your skin when you apply a thin coat daily. We’ve seen some amazingly restorative changes in those that have made this serum part of their everyday routine. Add some to your bath, add it to your shower gel, massage it into your feet and see how it transforms your skin. Try it and see what you are missing!