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Introducing Our New Advanced Ageless Age Defying Cream!

Introducing Our New Advanced Ageless Age Defying Cream!

Posted by Brendan Leonard with Dr. Hannah Sivak on Nov 19th 2021

It seems like only yesterday that Skin Actives’ Advanced Ageless line of products was brand new. By our reckoning, it was as recently as October 2019! That both sounds, and feels like it was a long time ago indeed. An entire world ago!

We’re incredibly proud of what our fledgling line of products has been able to achieve in just over 2 years. Advanced Ageless went from a different look, a different feel, all the way to two spots in 2021’s Top 10 Best Sellers (another two spots went to our Advanced Restoration line of high potency EGF products, which has had even less time to grow).

So what’s next for Advanced Ageless?

Well, to expand the line that’s already done so much for so many people of course!

With that we’re proud to announce our latest offering from Advanced Ageless, sure to change the way your daily routine works. 

May we present: Hydrating & Firming Age Defying Cream with ROS BioNet™ and Apocynin!

Pleased to Meet You!

Before we get down to the brass tacks of meeting our latest Advanced Ageless innovation, where did the idea come from? Wasn’t the Advanced Ageless line more or less perfect anyway?

Well, as we see it at Skin Actives, it’s important to always be looking for where there is room for growth.

Despite coming in at number 8 on our list of 2021 Best Sellers, not everyone is able to get the most out of one of Skin Active’s most classic products, our Anti Aging Cream. Unfortunately over the years we’ve learned that there are enough people who react to it that exploring another way to get the same great results was worth our while.

Hydrating & Firming Cream approaches similar skin concerns from a different angle in three ways:

Soy Free - We have found that there is a not insignificant portion of our customer base that reacts to soy ingredients. If your skin reacts to soy, you’ll have nothing to worry about here!

Paraben free - While Skin Actives Scientific maintains the overall view that scientific evidence does not make a case against parabens, we know that some of our customers choose to avoid them. If you don’t want parabens in your anti-aging cream, for whatever reason, this product is for you.

Unbelievable Application - It’s funny, but it’s true: Skin Actives Anti-Aging Cream has drawn some constructive critique over the years for its unconventional appearance and scent. What can we say? When a product is packed with that many awesome ingredients it might challenge one’s perceptions of the norm. 

With all that having been said however, we heard you! In response, our new Hydrating & Firming Cream goes on silky smooth, with a lovely texture and emollience, and almost no scent at all! We’re sure it’ll be love at first try. 

So, if you always wanted to try our Anti-Aging Cream but couldn’t, or if you tried it before and found it to be a bit much, there has never been a better time than now to give it another go.

Hydrating & Firming In One Place

So, at last, a review of what you can expect from our new Hydrating and Firming Age Defying Cream!

Like every Skin Actives product, we aim to address as many concerns as we can while still creating a product that can compete head to head with any other in its category. We begin with a core of Sea Kelp bioferment to provide you right out of the gate with an incredibly nutritious base. 

Of course you’ll find our patented blend of antioxidants, ROS BioNet™ in the mix alongside antioxidant active Apocynin, just like Hydrating & Firming’s sibling products.

But the real secret behind Hydrating & Firming Age Defying Cream comes from Tremella Extract.

Have you heard of tremella yet? If you haven’t yet, you will soon. While the water carrying capacity of hyaluronic acid made it one of 2021’s hottest skin care trends, tremella is getting ready to redefine the game with EVEN MORE water carrying potential. Known as Tremella Fuciformis Extract, this active comes to us from Silver Ear Mushroom aka snow fungus, aka white jelly mushroom. 

It might sound like kind of a yucky thought, but fungus is already redefining skincare. Look for a future blog post about just this thing!

Meanwhile, let’s hear from our Founder, Dr. Hannah Sivak about the benefits of tremella.

5 Benefits of Tremella

Dr. Sivak joins us to discuss the 5 key benefits of this great active you’ll soon be looking for in everything. 

“Tremella is a great example of how important fungal components have become in skincare. Let’s start by saying that this is an edible mushroom, and safety should always be our main concern. It has also been used in Chinese medicine for centuries.

Tremella benefits your skin in five ways:

  1. It prevents oxidative damage by UVA and photoaging.
  2. It prevents collagen breakdown by proteases.
  3. Snow mushroom polysaccharides form gels that will retain moisture when applied to the skin. 
  4. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity.
  5. It has been shown to modulate the immune response.”

If you’d like to learn more about the science behind tremella, check out Hannah’s personal blog where she tackles all sorts of interesting topics with the acumen of a biochemist and the experience of a skincare formulator.

Meanwhile, take a second and discover what so many Skin Actives Family members already have, the Advanced Ageless line of products. Each product is formulated for maximum antioxidant effectiveness to reverse and prevent signs of aging unlike anything else you’ve used. Hydrating & Firming Age Defying Cream is the logical next step, try one today and see what the fuss is all about!