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Michelle's Favorite Skincare Products

Michelle's Favorite Skincare Products

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Nov 16th 2021

Happy Tuesday Skin Actives Family, it’s time for a brand new blog.

Today, we’re stepping behind the Skin Actives curtain a little bit to introduce you to one of our valued team members: Michelle. 

So much of what we experience as customers is based on our interactions with workers both seen and unseen at a given location. Often, a huge amount of what we consider the integral functions of a customer service experience are carried out behind closed doors by employees that will never get a nod of appreciation, a smile or a tip.

As a formulator and purveyor of skin care products that exists predominantly and more or less, necessarily in the online space, the vast majority of our Skin Actives Family will never interact with our employees directly.

Yet it’s our employees that literally MAKE the Skin Actives experience.

Every step of the Skin Actives journey is carried out by hard workers inside the United States. Your skincare products are designed, assembled, manufactured and distributed entirely inside Arizona by a diverse team of workers promoted on merit and paid a living wage. We’re very proud not only of the work our team does on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis, we are also proud of their tenure at Skin Actives and our continued high rate of employee retention.

You’ve already met Rachel in a previous post, today let’s meet Michelle and find out about some of her favorite products!

Meet Michelle

Michelle began working for Skin Actives Scientific back in early 2015.

Skin Actives was very different back then, with a completely different look, a different webpage and without some of the products that are considered to be the classics of today!

Michelle came to Skin Actives as a 10 year veteran pastry chef to work in our production lab. As any pastry chef will tell you, baking is all about chemistry. Making delicious food isn’t just about taking selected ingredients and adding them together in a particular order (though it’s about that too). Baking is about the interactions of chemicals and heat over a period of time. Guess what? This is exactly the kind of thinking that goes into your skincare!

Just as heat applied too long, or too little of a particular ingredient will make or break a cake, so too do the subtle interactions of ingredients, time, agitation and dissolution combine to create the interactions necessary to keep your skin looking great.

Michelle also came to Skin Actives with a STEM background. Her degree in Human Biology and Psychology made her a natural fit to work alongside Dr. Hannah Sivak over the years, learning what goes into Skin Actives formulations. 

At Skin Actives, we’re proud to recognize achievement and promote from within. Over the years Michelle has demonstrated time and time again her commitment to quality and an ability to deliver the products that Skin Actives customers need to keep their skin healthy. For this reason she was promoted to Chief of Operations in 2018 and now oversees a wide variety of Skin Actives day to day operations. 

Michelle now works tirelessly as part of the leadership team, keeping Hannah and Jonatan informed about the daily operations of Skin Actives, as well as helping to influence the future direction of the company that you love. We are very proud of Michelle and everything that she has done for Skin Actives and we’re proud to be part of her personal story as well.

If you have used a Skin Actives product in the last 7 years, we’re certain that Michelle has been involved in its production to some degree or another. Thank you Michelle for all your hard work and dedication!

Michelle’s Favorites

Every worker at Skin Actives Scientific has access to some of the world’s best skincare products within arms reach. It’s one of the best perks of the job. Not only do we encourage our workers to try our products and be aware of what they can do, but to use them daily. Skin health should be for everyone!

Today, Michelle shared these three favorites with us:

Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Serum - “To start, I just want to say that every product I use doesn’t have coconut products in it. That’s really important to me because I’m allergic to coconut and it’s in everything, just everything. So that makes it really hard for me to find products that I don’t react to. Thankfully I’m able to use these and they work great for me.”

Michelle uses Hyaluronic Acid Serum as the serum step of her routine for its superior power of absorbency. Hyaluronic acid serums are designed to deliver moisturizing action and our vegan blend is known for being both oil free and gentle on blemish prone skin.

Nourishing Skin Serum - “I use Nourishing Skin Serum after HA serum, it’s really good. In a lot of ways, Nourishing Skin Serum is probably Skin Actives’ best kept secret. The changes it’s made on the way my skin feels since we launched it have been huge.”

Locking in your serum step with an oil is a classic move, and Michelle hasn’t missed a step with Nourishing SKin Serum which not only feeds skin with a huge array of necessary fatty acids, but also reduces the sensation of itch all day long.

Ultra Clarifying Blemish Oil - “For a long time it’s seemed like a lot of people don’t understand that there is a difference between the oils that your skin needs, and the ones that it doesn’t. Fortunately, that trend seems to be shifting somewhat and we’re getting more people using oil to stay clear.”

You don’t need to blast your skin to stay blemish free. Avoiding harsh alcohols and too many drying agents is key to the kind of long term skin health we promote at Skin Actives Scientific. Ultra Clarifying Blemish Oil will starve out p. acnes bacteria while maintaining the health of your pores and washing away the dead skin that can lead to clogging.

Thanks for reading everyone! We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know Michelle, an absolute cornerstone of our leadership team and the business we do here at Skin Actives Scientific. Look forward to more employee profiles as 2022 begins and a brand new blog coming this Friday, with a great big surprise!