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Proper Nail Care for Strong, Healthy Nails | Skin Actives Nail Care Duo

Proper Nail Care for Strong, Healthy Nails | Skin Actives Nail Care Duo

Posted by Dr. Hannah Sivak and Susan Katz on Jun 10th 2019

How to make your nails grow faster and stronger

We paint our nails and stick fake nails on them to make them pretty and, in the process, we may forget that they are attached to a very living body. You may forget it, but your nails won’t. We all will have, at some time or another, “nail problems”. Remember that nails, though made from “dead” protein, do grow and that the nail bed require nutrition to make them? And, just as our skin received less nutrition as we age, nails do too. Therefore, we should provide extra nutrition topically.

What are nails?

The plates that grow on the back of each finger and toe are like cat claws. In humans, the claws have become flattened as they are more useful than claws. Nails are a part of the human protective outer layer that covers our body, together with the skin and hair. Nails are made of alpha keratin, a protein, but how are they made?

The keratin in the nail is not too different from that in hair, but the nail contains more calcium. The nail matrix is the tissue under the nail and contains nerves, lymph and blood vessels. The matrix produces cells that become the nail plate and will continue to produce cells as long as it receives nutrition and remains in a healthy condition. As new nail plate cells are made, they push older nail plate cells forward; and in this way older cells become compressed, flat, and translucent.

Nails grow more slowly than hair, 1/8 of an inch per month (vs. 1/4 to 1/2 inch per month for hair). We know that nails can hurt, lots of nerves reach the nail bed and let us know when we catch one in a car door. Nails can be damaged enough that they fall off. But even without any of those painful accidents, sometimes they grow slowly and/or badly. Why?

Just like our hair, nails need a lot of nutrition to grow normally. This is because live cells oversee producing these proteins. Once you realize that nails and hair have much in common, it is not surprising that keratinocyte growth factor (KGF) works as well for nails as it does for hair.

What can you do to get longer, stronger nails?

Nails protect our fingers and toes; it is our duty to protect them and preserve their health. The two serums in Skin Actives Nail Care Duo work together to supply the necessary proteins and nutrients that will help nails become stronger and longer. The Nail Care Duo will become even more useful if you tend to mistreat your nails with nail polish or acrylics or if your nails have been damaged or are lacking in key nutrients.

Skin Actives Nail Care Serums are not very different from our hair care serum: plenty of nutrients, including amino acids, KGF as well as antioxidants and vitamins. Pick up one of our Skin Actives Nail Care Duo today and see how your nail health improves over time.