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Radiation Treatment Relief, Now Conveniently Sized

Radiation Treatment Relief, Now Conveniently Sized

Posted by Brendan Leonard on May 17th 2022

Welcome back readers, to the Skin Actives Scientific blog. If you are a returning reader, you’ll know that a fundamental aspect of our mission here is to bring you informative topics that will benefit your skin health. If you are new, thanks for joining us!

Today, we are talking about a subject that’s pretty heavy: cancer treatment, specifically radiation.

We understand that this is a rough topic, but it’s one that is very important to a lot of people, and has a direct impact on the health and well-being of our community. 

But before we go any further, let’s just make something clear: Skin Actives supports the medical community. Dr. Hannah Sivak is a biochemist, her daughter, a Skin Actives consultant and stakeholder is an MD. If your doctor is telling you to treat cancer, or to take preventative steps to avoid cancer, please listen to what your doctor tells you and not to some blogger on the internet.

Contemporary medical technology saves lives. That’s why it was invented. Your doctor knows more about fighting cancer than the author of this blog ever will, and at Skin Actives Scientific we stand in solidarity with the medical community that is trying their hardest to save your life.

So please don’t take anything we say in this blog and weigh it over that of a medical professional. This is a blog that is meant to educate and inform, not to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is a process by which a localized area is exposed to radiation as a high-energy beam composed of energies such as x-rays or protons.

Our founder, Dr. Hannah Sivak, describes radiation therapy this way:

In radiation treatment for cancer, noxious radiation is used, in a VERY focused way, to kill cancer cells. Using information from PET scans and more, the physician/math/physics expert designs a treatment strategy suitable for the type and location of cancer cells. The objective is to kill cancer cells without harming the healthy tissue around them. This is easier said than done. There will always be damage to healthy tissue, even when using top-of-the-line methodology and equipment. For example, the skin is in the way when targeting breast cancer cells ‘hiding’ within the body. What will happen? Let’s concentrate on the fact that cancer cells will be destroyed, adding months or years of life, let’s be heroic and take the treatment. But we can’t ignore the other fact: the skin will be burned to some extent and it will hurt.”

If you’d like to learn more about radiation therapy we recommend this informative page by the American Cancer Society.

Skin Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

So, we know and understand that radiation therapy doesn’t sound like much fun. Maybe you’ve known someone who’s gone through it, or have gone through it yourself. While it is a vital, life-saving treatment, radiation therapy is serious business. If you’ve been through it yourself, or know someone who has, you understand that the side effects are no joke. 

While there are a varied amount of side-effects from this type of treatment, today we’re going to focus on what you can expect from your skin.

Below are some common side effects your skin may experience if you undergo radiation therapy:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Uneven tone (both skin lightening or hyperpigmentation)
  • Dryness
  • Peeling
  • Persistent itch (pruritus)

These side effects will occur over the course of the treatment and may persist for 2-4 weeks after treatment concludes, potentially longer.

During this time it’s important to take care of your skin!

Skin Care and Radiation, What You Can Do!

Skin Actives is here to help you on your health and wellness journey always. That commitment doesn’t end when you or someone you love is battling cancer!

Our Post Radiation Cream was developed by Dr. Sivak for a friend of hers who was undergoing treatment. It was made as a personal favor, a sort of “side thing” if you will, where one friend steps into the life of another and uses their expertise to help as they are able. In a way, Post Radiation Cream was never intended to be sold to the public!

But Dr. Sivak’s friend used the cream and it helped them so much that they recommended that we make this product available to the Skin Actives family of customers. For years it was available only in 4 oz jars, but today we begin offering it in 2 oz jars as well.

Dr. Sivak describes the cream in her own words:

“Skin Actives Post Radiation Cream will help with the pain (and itch) of the skin areas affected by the treatment. You can apply it immediately after the treatment and as often as you wish. The doctor may ask you not to apply it before the radiation treatment, you don’t want to interfere with that. You can also use Skin Actives ELS serum, our lipid serum that will also help with healing, pain, and itch. Use ELS also with scars from cancer treatment surgery, which can result in pain and itch lasting for months.”

Dr. Sivak writes weekly updates to her personal blog about the goings on in the skin care industry. If you’d like to learn more from here, click here!

4 Reasons to Try Post Radiation Cream

  1. The Ingredients - Sea Kelp Bioferment will feed your skin the nutrients it needs to help recover from the intense damage associated with this therapy. Meanwhile the cream is rich in no less than nine healthy lipids combating the free radicals created by exposure to radiation. 
  1. We Stack Up Against the Competition - We think that you’ll find our Post Radiation Cream is priced competitively too, we want you to be able to get access to it at this vulnerable time in your life. Between working towards your recovery, and the stress of treatment, you have enough on your plate. We want you to be able to get this great cream and benefit from it with minimal disruption to your daily life.
  1. Highly Rated - This is a 5 Star rated product on, read the awesome reviews by survivors and those that love them to see the impact this product makes on the lives of ordinary people.
  1. New Convenient Size - Not every treatment is the same, and so not every relief option should be the same. We now offer Post Radiation Cream in 2 oz jars as well as 4 oz jars.

We believe in it, and we believe in you! Make Skin Actives Post Radiation Cream part of your journey to recovery. We are here for you!

Thanks for reading Skin Actives Family, we’ll be back here again on Friday with another installment of the Skin Actives Blog. Stay safe and healthy, and we’ll see you then!