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Special Care For Feet

Special Care For Feet

Posted by Rachel Pierce with Brendan Leonard on Aug 24th 2021

Every-body needs special care.

And every part of the body needs care that might be a little special too!

It’s a privilege of living in a society that is both highly advanced and has a lot of access to specialized commodities in addition to the time to use them so that we can get into not just skin health, but into the skin health of particular areas. As much as one part of your body might superficially seem very much like another (at least in terms of skin), it’s a fact of nature that the composition of our skin varies from area to area.

So with all the attention that we pay to skin care on this blog, it can often feel like maybe when we are talking about “skin care” we are talking about the skin that composes your face and hands. And it’s true! Because the emphasis for so many skin care products and routines is centered around fighting the signs of aging, we talk about faces a lot. Hands and arms probably come in second because they are often exposed to the potentially harmful ultraviolet light of the sun. Necks and decolletage come in a distant third. 

But really when you think about it, that’s not all that much skin! The arms probably take up the most area of all of that. What do we have to say about some other areas? Well, as we close out the remainder of 2021, we’ll be addressing some of these areas here in the blog.

Today at Skin Actives we’re talking about feet!

That’s right, your feet need special care too.

What Kind of Care Do Your Feet Need?

If you look around at what skin care experts are saying about feet, you’ll find a good deal of advice on exfoliation, especially in terms of thick heels, cracked heels, or calluses. If that is a challenge you are currently grappling with, check out Dr. Sivak’s DIY Exfoliating Foot Mask here

But today we’re talking about something a little different. Today we are looking at a foot routine created by our very own Customer Service Specialist, Rachel!

If you’ve ever called into our office, you have probably talked with her. And if you’re a regular reader of our newsletter, you may have seen pictures of her and her son, who we’re super happy to have watched grow up as part of our immediate Skin Actives family.

Rachel joined the Skin Actives Team full time back in 2014 as a member of our production team, moving over the years to the lead position in our Customer Service department. Over the course of her time here, she has learned a lot:

I’ve learned so much just being exposed to the way that we make products. Skin care is really important to me as the years go by, but I also work on my own formulations and projects when I’m at home. I learned a lot from Hannah’s book (The Scientific Revolution in Skincare*), and from working on the individual needs of our clients who call in looking for direction.”

So today we’re happy to share with you Rachel’s foot care routine!

Foot Care in 5 Easy Steps

This is a nighttime routine, part of the fun and benefit that you are going to receive is from really letting the actives soak into your skin overnight. So you’ll want to do this routine in the evening, preferably right before you go to bed.

Step 1. Exfoliate - Alpha Beta Exfoliator - Start your routine by exfoliating with Alpha Beta. After rinsing the exfoliator, make sure your feet are clean and dry, then you’re ready for some renewal!

The skin of your feet need exfoliation too. In fact, your feet do an incredible amount of work under circumstances that are very different from the rest of our body. Wearing shoes all day long creates a great deal of compression on the foot, and by necessity, our feet are down in the dirt interacting with our environment through contact. Removing excess detritus from our skin barrier along with dead skin cells is something that you can do comfortably once a week.

Step 2. Hydrate - Nourishing Serum - Next, feed that often neglected skin protecting your feet with some nourishing lipids!

The ultimate statement in hydrating lipid replacement, our Nourishing Serum is an all-star line up of buzzworthy oils. With Squalane, Argan, Vitamin E, Flax Seed, Pomegranate, and Rosehip Seed Oils all holding their own in this formulation, there’s no room for fillers. Nourishing Serum aids in post-exfoliation recovery and even attacks the nervous system’s response that makes the nagging itch sensation itself.

Step 3. Seal - Ultimate Moisturizing Cream - For this step you’re going to want to lay it on thick (you’ll see why in step 4). Go ahead and put on plenty of Ultimate Moisturizing Cream, let your feet soak up all that nutrition!

Seal in the lipids with Skin Actives’ Ultimate Moisturizing Cream. Give your hard working feet the nutrients that they need to stay strong and healthy with this cream packed with Sea Kelp Coral. Anti-aging actives up the skin renewal game and improve texture.

Step 4. Sleep - A nice pair of socks! Put on a nice, comfy pair of socks and snuggle in for a good night’s sleep!

At Skin Actives, we’re a big fan of a good night’s sleep. Sleep is when your body gets to take care of itself and heal itself from within. Many of the challenges we face during the day could be attributed to a lack of sleep. Doctors around the world recommend 7-8 hours, don’t deprive yourself!

5. Extra Credit - High Potency EGF Spray - For extra credit, you can address thinning skin on the top of your foot with some of our unbelievable High Potency EGF Spray. Apply this step between Steps 1 and 2 and you won’t believe the results you’ll see!

High Potency EGF Spray is the best way to get a tremendous amount of skin renewal in a short period of time. Epidermal Growth Factor promotes cellular turnover to keep the skin cells of your feet new. Our High Potency line of EGF products boasts ten times the amount of EGF as our ordinary products and is beloved by YouTube influencers. 

So there is a great new routine for you to try, Skin Actives Family! We have another great topic coming for you this Friday when we explore the hot trend surrounding Marula Oil! Check back then!

*While the current edition of “The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care” is sold out, we have been told by the author, Dr. Hannah Sivak, that a 2nd Edition has been sent to the presses and will be available soon! Check back here for more info when it lands!