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Thanksgiving Beauty and Our Top 10 Bestsellers

Thanksgiving Beauty and Our Top 10 Bestsellers

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Nov 12th 2021

The holiday season is already racing by and the news is telling us we better get our shopping done and our packages in the mail two full weeks before the traditional Christmas-Season buying bonanza Black Friday usually begins.

It seems like despite our very best efforts, time is blowing by, once again. And all of this in a year when we here at Skin Actives were hoping to slow things down a little bit!

So, are you ready for Thanksgiving? Have you made your guest-list? Gotten out your favorite “ugly” sweater? Have you found your favorite turkey recipe?

As the run-up to Thanksgiving goes into full swing, Skin Actives is stopping by with the good word on a few of our bestselling products to snatch up before the doorbell starts to ring and you find yourself helping Grandma in from the car.

Check it out!

The Top Ten Skin Actives Bestsellers

Are you ready for the deluge of end-of-year “Top Ten” lists? Well, here is your first! Before your guests start lining up outside your door for Thanksgiving, grab some of Skin Actives’ Top Ten Best Sellers so you can look and feel your best for company. 

Without any further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Every Lipid Serum (ELS) - After 15 years as a Skin Actives classic, Every Lipid Serum still has it! Restore your damaged skin with this blend of all the oils your skin requires to stay healthy! ELS works great in conjunction with many of the other products on this list, or all on it’s own. A little goes a long way, so just use a dab and you’ll get a lot of use out of each bottle.
  1. High Potency EGF Cream - Our High Potency line of epidermal growth factor products really came into their own this year. Sporting 10 times the amount of EGF that we put in any other product, all our Advanced Restoration High Potency EGF products are huge winners. But you can’t go wrong with such a potent daily cream step in your routine. And it’s great for enhancing turnaround time on recovery from procedures.
  1. Anti-Aging Cream - We can’t forget Skin Actives classic Anti-Aging Cream! On some level it’s Skin Actives’ breakthrough product. While it’s gone through some big changes over the years, Anti-Aging Cream is better than ever before with Sea Kelp Coral, epidermal growth factor and other antioxidant proteins. Priced affordably so that anyone can benefit from it, Anti-Aging Cream remains in the Top Ten for a reason.
  1. Advanced Ageless Eye Cream - This year people were looking to look good on camera! With our patented ROS BioNet™ and Apocynin to help battle antioxidants around the eye region in mature skin, this cream has proved itself time and time again this year as a go-to product. Advanced Ageless is no longer feeling like the new kid on the block and is taking its place as staple products for the next generation of Skin Actives adopters.
  1. Advanced Ageless Collagen Serum - Proving the point, Advanced Ageless Collagen Serum comes in at number 6. When you are looking to prevent or rewind signs of aging, over and over again; you have to be ready to do battle with oxidants floating around in the environment, or generating on top of your skin. Advanced Ageless Collagen Serum is our cutting-edge answer to the daily serum step.
  1. Triple Correction Eye Cream - Starting off the top 5 we have a Skin Actives classic with a glow up. Your old Brite-I Cream may have gone away, but it’s legacy remains in an eye cream that is the state of the industry. Creamy, smooth and with a beautiful texture, with Triple Correction Eye Cream you’ll see results.
  1. Collagen Serum - Our classic Collagen Serum remains one of the products we are absolutely most proud of. When Skin Actives was founded, one of its many goals was to create top-notch skin care that was within reach. For over a decade and a half Skin Actives has stood by that goal with our Collagen Serum. So great for your skin, so easy to use and so accessible compared to other products like it on the market. We’ll see you back in the top five next year Collagen Serum, believe it!
  1. High Potency EGF Serum - In an absolutely gobsmacking twist, upstart freshman High Potency EGF Serum not only breaks into the top 10 products of 2021, but breaks into a comfortable position in the top 5! With 10 times the EGF of other products High Potency EGF Serum promotes cell turnover at the serum level. Great for sunburn or post-procedure, but also perfect for daily use, those who know our High Potency line swear by it!
  1. Vitamin C 20% - No surprises here, Vitamin C 20% continues to ride the Vitamin C trend another year. Our 20% solution comes in as our number two bestselling product, without its sibling even making the list. We get it, people like to go big. But remember, you don’t necessarily need the bigger number to get great results. Try Vitamin C 15% too!
  1. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) - And here we are, number 1! Could it have been any other product? Not in 2021! 2021 has proven what Skin Actives has always predicted: the public is hungry for high-tech proteins with proven, science backed results. Packaged in an easy to use saline solution, our pre-measured Epidermal Growth Factor is almost too good to be true. Boost a cream, lotion or serum of your choosing with each purchase. And with so little packaging, EGF ends up being one of the most ecologically sensible products in our catalogue. Bravo EGF, take your crown, you earned it!

Thanks for reading Skin Actives Family, we hope you have a great weekend. Check back here next week when we catch up with a Skin Actives employee and put them in the hot seat for a look at their personal favorites. You won’t want to miss it!