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The Return of Pumpkin Spice!

The Return of Pumpkin Spice!

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Sep 17th 2021

Are you ready, Skin Actives Family?! 

That’s right, the seasons are about to change once again and on Wednesday, September 22nd it’s going to be autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere!

This is many people’s absolute favorite time of year. Is it yours?

Think about it before you answer!

We’ve got: beautiful changing leaves, spooky holidays, eating holidays, warm drinks, big meals, sitting by the fire, twilit evenings, crisp mornings, hazy glows, the first frost and everything that comes with it! Some of us are bursting just thinking about it.

And this year is a little different. 

No one needs any reminders that last year was super weird. A lot of us didn’t know what to do with the holiday season and an already stressful time was made that much more acute by just a simple lack of knowing what was going to happen.

As we ease into fall this year, it feels like both a lot of things and not much has changed at the same time. But we are ready to come at it from a different place! Autumn this year is less about the darkness of the long nights and more about the warmth of the hearth where we gather with those closest to us. In other words: we’re ready to celebrate!

So let’s get ready to usher autumn in, with the triumphant return of a fan-favorite!

Pumpkin Spice Mask Returns!

And along with the return of the season, comes the return of a Skin Actives seasonal fan favorite! 

That’s right, for the duration of the fall season only comes our Pumpkin Spice Mask. Just in time of cuddling up on the couch with a great book, a warm drink and a cozy throw comes the perfect mask to make you look and feel your best for the many social engagements the season brings!

Pumpkin Spice Mask smells gently like pumpkin pie and exfoliates away uneven skin. Our two ounce tube will last you through the majority of the holidays, so pick one up today and transport yourself to an autumn paradise of frosty breath and crackling leaves! We only keep this great product around for a short time, so enjoy it with the season.

Products Everyone Loves

Autumn and pumpkin spice are things that everyone loves. They define the season and especially, the moment in the year when we pass from one state of mind into the next. The long days and lazy afternoons of summer are in the rear-view mirror, not to be seen again for 9 more months. It’s time to prepare for the winter, celebrate the past year and take time with our friends, family and loved ones, because when it comes right down to it, time with each other is the most valuable thing that we have.

Here are some of Skin Actives perennial favorites that everyone loves. 

They are great any time of year, but why not mix them in with your autumn routine?

Collagen Serum - Collagen serum is a Skin Actives classic. Just this week we did a blog on collagen production in your skin, and if you want to read a really deep cut, check out Dr. Sivak’s blog on how and why Collagen Serum was formulated in the first place! It’s required reading for Skin Actives Family true believers.

At this point probably everyone is looking to enhance their body’s collagen production. When your body’s collagen production begins to decline around the age of 30, we begin to see some wrinkling behaviors in our skin as well as a loss of firmness, plumpness and evenness that can be scientifically traced back to collagen.

Collagen Serum promotes collagen production in the skin, it’s that simple, but the science is far from it. Be looking forward to a forthcoming blog on molecular size in which Dr. Sivak lays down the biochemistry as to why our Collagen Serum gets the results it does for so many of our customers.

Anti-Aging Cream - Following a traditional skin care routine, a nice cream to follow up your seums is essential. For many, Skin Actives’ Anti-Aging Cream has been that step for a long time! Over the years we have consistently reworked the formula to make sure that our Anti-Aging Cream is delivering the maximum amount of actives that your body can benefit from with the most pleasant scent and texture possible.

While there have been times over the last 15 years when Anti-Aging Cream may have looked and felt a little...unorthodox, but has delivered results that have brought the Skin Actives Family consistent results year in and year out. 

Formulated with Sea Kelp Coral and Epidermal Growth Factor, Anti-Aging Cream deserves a place in your fall skincare line-up. Nourish your skin with an intense array of vitamins and nutrients in Sea Kelp and the protein synthesis boosting power of EGF.

Lip Collagen Treatment - Fall skincare can only go so far without addressing your lips! The frosty months ahead will challenge your lips as you go from the dry-air heat of the car, to the dry-cold of the city streets while holiday shopping. Our Lip Collagen Treatment is a product that everyone loves! It’s super easy to put on in the morning and evening to boost collagen production in you lips, keeping them full, healthy and intact. It’s also small enough that you can keep one at your desk or carry it with you in your pocket or purse to keep handy for repeated application over the course of the day. 

Made with real fruit juices, Lip Collagen Treatment won’t bum you out when you inevitably catch a taste. Keep your lips looking and feeling both healthy AND young with this product everyone loves!

So that’s about all Skin Actives Family, thanks for joining us once again this week! We hope you are as excited about the return of autumn and Pumpkin Spice Mask as we are! Tune in here next week when we break open the science of molecular size and absorbancy for you, straight from Dr. Hannah, to you! This issue is a point that a lot of skin care companies use to differentiate products in the collagen realm, it’s controversial and confusing, but Dr. Hannah will lay out what you need to know as a consumer! We can’t wait!