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The Season of Giving Begins Here! Plus, Gifts for Everyone on Your List

The Season of Giving Begins Here! Plus, Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Oct 5th 2021

Does it seem like we’re talking about gifts a little early this year? It’s not even Thanksgiving after all. 

Well, there is a reason for this early attention on the gift-giving season and for once, it’s not because companies are trying to pad the bottom line earlier than ever. Here’s the scoop: experts say that this year, if you were planning on sending gifts, do it early.

As the world economy continues to realign under the strain of a global pandemic, and our shipping resources continue to adjust, readjust then readjust again, it just makes more sense to buy early and ship early.

If you missed out on how holiday shipping is going to affect your Skin Actives order, check out our blog on it here.

So without any further ado, check out our list of:

Great Gifts For Everyone on Your List

In the wake of 2020, a lot of us had some additional time on our hands to think about ourselves, our lives and those closest to us. If you’ve been following the news you may have heard about the Great Resignation period in America 2021, maybe you even took the opportunity to participate in it!

The point is that the events of the last couple of years have us all looking at things a little differently. 

It’s at these moments of inflection that we have the opportunity to change. One of the things that we can do is change our buying habits! Maybe this year the best gift for the people in your life isn’t a fancy thing necessarily, but the keys to better skin health than ever before!

Skincare Gifts for Her

The holidays are a great time to get your friends and family that have been asking about your skincare routine in on your favorites. We have several ideas on gifts to get her. 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum with EGF - One of our newest offerings is also one of our favorites. Hyaluronic Acid Serum with a vial of EGF added was one of our most popular combinations. Now it’s easily available as a ready-made product, get the anti-aging benefits of your two favorite actives at the same time!

High Potency EGF Serum - The serum step is vital, especially when you are taking care of your face. Promote cellular turnover with the highest epidermal growth factor density Skin Actives produces. 

UV Repair Cream - The struggle against oxidative damage from multiple sources in our environment is continual and requires almost daily recommitment. Whether you are struggling with long term oxidative damage, or something you picked up very recently, UV Repair Cream is for you! 

Skincare Gifts for Him 

Who says men don’t need skincare? Well, a lot of men will probably grumble about how they don’t. But the problem is that they really don’t know what they’re missing! Show them this year with some of these great gifts for men.

High Potency EGF Spray - Fast, easy, and effective, High Potency EGF spray will promote cellular turnover on the face and hairline quickly in the morning and evening. 

Advanced Ageless Hair Care Serum - It’s the time of year when men everywhere are growing beards. What men don’t know when they take that plunge, they can get around that terrible itching sensation at the two week mark with our Advanced Ageless Hair Care Serum. Not only that, they’ll be growing more hair, faster and getting the antioxidant benefits of our patented ROS BioNet™ blend and Apocynin.

The Brush For Men - For those men who are already sporting beards round out their gift stocking with a vegan beard brush from Skin Actives. Great for shaping, taming and exfoliating, all without harming animals. 

Skincare for Anyone and Everyone

There are so many people in our lives, and they all need access to the tools to keep them healthy. Whether you are buying gifts for your children, your parents, old friends, another family in the neighborhood or even your postal carrier, Skin Actives has something for everyone!

Ultra Clarifying Blemish Oil - Our Ultra Clarifying Blemish Oil is not only one of our newest products, it’s also quickly becoming one of our most beloved. Rocketing it’s way to Best-Seller status, check out the anti-blemish oil that starves out bacteria while soothing irritation. 

The Scientific Revolution in Skin Care, Second Edition - Reading is fun and knowledge is a treasure that crosses time itself. There’s not a person on your list who wouldn’t benefit from the second edition of Dr. Hannah Sivak’s exploration of contemporary skincare. Pick one up for someone you care about, and pick one up for yourself too!

Kits - The best value in the Skin Actives line up is no doubt represented by these great kits from our Flawless, Ageless, Glowing, and Hydrating lines. Each kit contains four essential products from their respective line packaged in a cute tote at a price that can’t be beaten. Get one for your favorite person far away or for a group to share!

Don’t Forget About Gift Certificates

Gift cards go over great for everyone! If you’re buying for someone that you know is already their own skincare expert, or if they have challenges that you might not necessarily be aware of, then Gift Cards are a great option for you. Give those closest to you the ability to take care of themselves!

Gift certificates are always available on the Skin Actives online store. You can get one anytime, but you can put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season with a Skin Actives gift card as early as today!

Spotlight On: Trees, Water & People

It’s Tuesday Skin Actives Family, and you know what that means: the Season of Giving has begun! Where do we start? Trees, Water & People.

Now, if you need to be caught up, here goes: this year instead of bombarding you with sale imagery and inducements to gross materialism, Skin Actives is taking a new direction. We’ve selected 4 unique non-profits that we love to support and that we think that you’ll love too. Each one of these not-for-profits supports a cause that we’re excited about.

SO, instead of offering some kind of inducement this week, we’re going to be donating 10% of our sales to our first non-profit: Trees, Water & People.

Trees, Water & People is supporting local food economies on indigenous lands in the United States and in central America. With an emphasis on local ecosystems, sustainability and future generations of world citizens, Skin Actives is proud to help them in their vital work.

Meanwhile 10% of all sales generated for the next three and a half days will be donated to our friends at Trees, Water & People. Starting today and running through noon, Friday, October 8th, Skin Actives Scientific will donate 10% of every sale we make to Trees, Water & People.

Think of it as a site-wide sale that helps this vital work! Pick up some items for your holiday celebration and make a contribution towards the future of the planet and the present of indigenous peoples all at the same time!

Alright Skin Actives Family, thank you for joining us in what is a longer message! Join up with us here on Friday when we’ll be tackling keeping your skin hydrated during the driest time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway)!