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What is the perfect “routine” or “regime” for my skin?

What is the perfect “routine” or “regime” for my skin?

Posted by Hannah Sivak on Feb 5th 2019

What is the perfect “routine” or “regime” for my skin?

Guess what? There isn’t one. The a.m. and p.m. timetable, with detailed accounts of the products is a fake. What would you expect? The same cosmetic line that is giving you this information is trying to sell you everything at their counter. No big surprise there… There is no evidence supporting it. It was devised by the marketing department in an effort to get you to buy as many products as possible. Is there anything that you must do to protect your skin from the harsh environment and aging? Yes. Of course. If a schedule makes your life easier, go for it. You need to think of the specific obstacles to skin health that you face every day. Do you live in a polluted city? Then, you need to either move or start using antioxidants. Always use sunscreen, as sunlight will age your skin if it has a chance to reach it. If you have acne, stop touching your blemishes and try our Flawless Kit. Most importantly, find a schedule that will make it easy for you to remember what to do. If you never remember to put it on, you will never get the benefit.

What about Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize?

It is always a good idea to cleanse your skin before you apply a product, because whatever stuff has accumulated during the day will have a chance to enter your skin unless it is removed. But please don’t try to remove what should not be removed. Your skin is not a wall to scrub clean, but a living organ. Go too far and you will be breaking the skin barrier, created by your body to keep you safe.

And what about toner? Nobody knows what this term means, except for the marketing department. It used to be an alcohol/water solution used to remove any traces of sebum in order to make you think that your skin was “clean”. Now it is anything used to remove cleanser. The alcohol would dry your skin and tighten it, making you think that the toner was doing it’s job. In reality, alcohol is just stripping your skin. Find a nice alcohol-free toner like ours, Nourishing Floral Toner, is nourishing with sea kelp and refreshes with neroli and witch hazel.

Most of you know that moisturizing your skin is the key to younger looking and healthier, happier skin. We have many options with many different actives for every skin type. You can moisturize as often as your skin needs. This can change with seasons, hormones and diet. Listen to your skin!

Here are a few guidelines for application of the different formulas: Water based serums should be layered before your creams or oils. Vitamin C Serum should be applied 30-60 min before any moisturizers. Vitamin A Cream should only be used at night, it makes you light sensitive.

Still unsure of a routine? Check out our Skin Care Quiz to help guide you with the perfect starter regimen.

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