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Epidermal Growth Factor is a naturally occurring protein in the human skin and is one of the most important components of overall skin health. It signals healing, cellular division and increased protein synthesis.  Your skin needs it.

When you apply EGF to the skin, it signals increased skin activity to make more of this single protein which will help your skin look and feel younger. EGF will reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth uneven skin tone and other signs of aging.





In 1986, Stanley Cohen received the Nobel Prize for his work revealing the role of EGF in the regulation of cell growth and development. This small protein (only 53 amino acids) was found to enhance epidermal growth and keratinization.

Cells that respond to EGF do so because they have receptors on the cell membrane that recognize the factor which has been produced by cells that may be near or far from the target cell.


The binding of the growth factor to the receptor intitiates a cascade of molecular events that will eventually lead to cell division, amond other things.