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At Skin Actives, we are committed to offering you, our valued customers, an every day low price. We manufacture our skin, hair and nail care products right in our laboratories in Gilbert, Arizona and we have cut out any middlemen so we can offer you the lowest price possible without ever cutting corners on quality or safety. We are a family owned company in business since 2006 and we love our products so much that we want to share our products with you so you can try them yourself. Check back on the Sales page often for all of our current price reductions on Skin Actives products.

  • Skin Actives Scientific Collagen Serum 1oz

    Collagen Serum

    $27.49 - $76.97
  • Collagen Serum with ROS BioNet and Apocynin

    Collagen Serum with ROS BioNet and Apocynin

    $60.49 - $157.29
  • Skin Actives Scientific Advanced Ageless Age Defying Cream 1oz

    Hydrating and Firming Age Defying Cream

    $54.97 - $142.97
  • Sale
    Pure Lemon Peel Extract for DIY Skincare, 2ml

    Lemon Peel Extract

  • Sale
    Skin Brightening Spray Recipe Kit

    Skin Brightening Spray Recipe Kit

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