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When you choose Skin Actives Ingredients, you are choosing the finest ingredients available on the market today. There is no greater advantage than being owned by a scientist. Dr. Hannah Sivak earned her PhD in Biological Sciences and has worked as a scientist for over 45 years. She brings all her expertise in botany, molecular biology, and biochemistry to the complex process of product formulation.

Our facility, located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, is dedicated to cutting-edge research, and we offer the most advanced ingredients to prove it, like Epidermal Growth Factor and other high quality and proprietary active ingredients for the beauty and skincare industries.

Skin Actives manufactures ingredients for skin and hair that help regain and retain natural beauty. Unlike our competitors, we focus on the use of scientifically proven ingredients that safely achieve long lasting effects.

Our experts code synthetic DNA to produce highly active bio-identical human proteins. These proteins are identical to their naturally produced counterparts in our skin. Our ingredients are approved for use in cosmetic products in the USA, Europe, China, Canada, and around the world.