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The Secret to Luscious Lips

The Secret to Luscious Lips

Posted by Kathryn Lyon on Dec 5th 2018

Winter is here! That means you have to protect yourself from the harsh weather outside. The gloves and coats are an obvious necessity, and your winter moisturizer is a must-have for chapped skin. But what about your lips?

Sure, you might treat your lips to a few warm drinks this winter, but that constant lip balm application is just not cutting it. This year, let's say goodbye to the dry, cracked pout! Revive your luscious lips with our Intense Repair Lip Treatment.

Intense Repair Lip Treatment comes to the rescue with 100% active ingredients! Moisturizing lipids, nutritive antioxidants, and delicious peppermint oil soothe and smooth your lips so you have something to smile about.


Holy Grail lip treatment

"I almost never write reviews unless a product is truly outstanding and this lip treatment deserves some praise! It's like an all in one hydrating , moisturizing, anti-aging lip gloss-like treatment. I love the slight sheen it leaves on my lips , making them look and feel plump and healthy. Like I stated in my title, HOLY GRAIL!"

Treat your lips to this soothing step this winter and you'll be breathing a sigh of relief. Now, when you find yourself under the mistletoe, you can pucker up with confidence!