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A New Era in Hair at Skin Actives Scientific

A New Era in Hair at Skin Actives Scientific

Posted by Brendan Leonard on Jun 17th 2022

Today marks the beginning of a new era in hair health here at Skin Actives Scientific!

That’s right everyone, it’s new product launch day. And after a formulation process that lasted several months and numerous revisions, we’re proud to announce our newest hair products, available starting today.

Why new hair products? That’s a great question. Skin Actives already has a great range of hair products that are designed to help you with the challenges you are facing with hair that is thin, weak, or graying. But we’re not ones to settle! We want to always be pushing forward and creating new opportunities, not just for you to battle the challenges that are getting you down, but to increase and maximize health benefits to your skin and hair.

In today’s blog, we’ll be introducing each of our three new products and getting to know Susan, the Marketing Manager who keeps things running here at Skin Actives Scientific.

But first, let’s talk about scalp health.

Your Scalp and Hair Health

One of the things that our Founder, Dr. Hannah Sivak, likes to point out is that advertising campaigns have a way of influencing how we see the world, and this isn’t always for the better.

If you think about it, advertising serves a vital role in our economy. It’s impossible for you, the consumer, to purchase the products you need to overcome the challenges you are facing if you don’t know those products exist. In its most simple and direct form, advertising exists to inform you about what products are out there and how they can help you.

This type of communication has been going on in one form or another for centuries, probably millennia. However, in the 21st century, we are absolutely bombarded by products and messages making us aware of products. In order to choose among them we need ever increasing details about what differentiates these products from one another.

This is where the problem comes in. Needing to differentiate between products exposes us to a lot of images and words that aren’t designed to educate us as much as entice us.

Nowhere will you see this more than in the world of hair and skin care. 

For instance: think of a shampoo commercial you have seen recently. We’re willing to bet that it featured a beautiful smiling person in a shower with hair so lathered it looked like their head was made of bubbles.

We see this image and we think, “This is what washing your hair is supposed to be like.” But it’s not! Washing your hair is actually a really banal undertaking that is not nearly as much fun as that person in the shower is having and uses a fraction of that much soap.

Meanwhile, you will then see a computer generated animation that shows nutrients going into the hair. But your hair is dead! Its growth, it’s the remainder of what grows out of a living cell. Where is that living cell located? Your scalp.

This is what we are trying to get at. Hair health, sort of non-intuitively, starts with scalp health.

Go to your stylist and ask how you should wash your hair. They will tell you, lather up a small amount of shampoo, and make sure you wash the roots. The health and beauty of your hair rests on the health and beauty of your scalp. So, this is where skin care meets hair care, and Skin Actives Scientific is here for you.

3 Great New Hair Products

We have three great new products, with a brand new look! That’s right, we have upgraded the color for our hair products from the kind of grapefruit pink to a rich earthy red that we think will remind you of strong hair. You can find these products rolling out with our brand new Skin Actives logo! 

Meanwhile let’s take a look at what we have to offer:

Leave-In Revitalizing Conditioner - Our Double Action Hair Serum has been with us for years, but it’s really formulated for people who are facing the challenge of thinning hair. Because Double Action is formulated with lots of strengthening actives, it is very thick, so unless your hair is thinner, it is hard to get it to the scalp where it can do the most work. Our all-new Leave-In Revitalizing Conditioner solves this problem with a thin, atomized mist that contains scalp-healthy, hair-strengthening actives like panethol and keratinocyte growth factor. But that’s not all, kefir bioferment* and ROS BioNet adds antioxidants and nutrients you need to shield your hair follicles and scalp from the ravages of oxidation for maximum health! 

*Leave-In Revitalizing Conditioner is our very first product to use kefir bioferment, but it’s certainly not the last. Look forward to an upcoming blog about kefir, but if you can’t wait, check out Dr. Sivak’s personal blog on the subject.

Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner - Brows and lashes are hot right now, and they never won’t be! If you’ve already been repairing your brows and lashes with our awesome Brow and Lash Serum (or if yours were strong and full already), then it’s time to prime with our new Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner. Packed with KGF, this new conditioner delivers those hair growth messages to your follicles for thicker, stronger lashes and brows. Meanwhile Brow and Lash Enhancing Conditioner is the perfect primer before you put on mascara. Or you can get rid of the mascara entirely with your KGF influenced lashes!

Nourishing Hair Mask - We saved the best for last with our Nourishing Hair Mask. We’ve seen absolutely stunning results with this brand new product, unlike anything else we’ve made. This stimulating hair mask can be left in and nourishes the hair and scalp simultaneously. Our team members have replaced their styling gel with this mask and seen tremendous improvements in body and shine. The results are truly breathtaking. Scroll down and find Marketing Manager Susan’s testimonial on this groundbreaking new offering.

Meet Susan!

Susan joined the Skin Actives team in early 2019 and has since become a vital member of the organization. We’ve literally never had someone like her here! 

As you may know, Skin Actives got its footing as a family-founded start-up in the side room of Dr. Sivak’s house! Over the years as we grew and developed, a lot of our internal talent was also home grown, and while we are very proud of everything we have accomplished from our humble beginnings, we lacked a well-rounded perspective.

Susan brought us that missing ingredient in 2019! She’s an established industry veteran with years of experience in the halls of giant name brand companies that you would recognize in a heartbeat. Since then she has gradually influenced our media campaigns to bring us into line with sustainable best practices and growth. 

Susan has three wonderful children (some of them take breaks from college to come by Skin Actives and help out sometimes), and a pug. Her love of dogs and crafting influences her pastime outside of Skin Actives. She is passionate and committed to expanding the professional development of the people on her team and we’ve learned so much from her. Thanks for everything you do Susan!

Meanwhile, Susan has seen great results with our new Nourishing Hair Mask

I’ve been using it for the last couple of months, religiously, every day. I just put on a little bit, on my hand and run it through my hair after I shower, once a day. I’ve quit using my hair gel, it works so well! I use the Leave-In Revitalizing Conditioner once a week for its strengthening benefits. You wouldn’t believe the improvement. People have been commenting on my hair for the first time in a while.”

So check out our new hair products and see what they can do for you! For a limited time only, all these great hair care products are on sale for 30% off. Click here and find everything that is on sale at Skin Actives Scientific right now.