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The Benefits of Squalane in Skincare

The Benefits of Squalane in Skincare

Posted by Skin Actives Scientific on Jun 6th 2024

Squalane oil is a favorite here at Skin Actives Scientific. Squalane is derived from olive fruit and is full of beneficial actives that are especially suited for the skin. Among them are oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, caffeic acid, catechin, and rutin. The natural loss of skin lipids results in increased water loss and increased susceptibility to harmful compounds, especially for people living in big cities. Continuous use of squalane oil alleviates skin dryness and is thus a good addition to any summer skincare routine.

Hydrating Skin with Squalane Oil 

Oils can be a transformative addition to your skincare routine. Every skin type can benefit from the right oil serum or ingredient mixture in their favorite product. The key lies in choosing the right combination of skincare that aligns with your skin's unique needs. As the seasons change, so do your skin needs, and the summer is no exception. 

Many of us lotion up daily to keep our skin from drying out. But there are more ways to deliver moisture, especially to areas of persistently dry skin. Consider applying a few drops of a nourishing oil like Every Lipid Serum after a shower and before applying our best-selling Ultimate Moisturizing Cream (incidentally, this is the best time to use moisturizing products). Then, lock in the oil with Hand and Body Lotion to keep the moisture penetrating all day long.

After a long day, it can feel like a relief to cleanse in the evening. The only problem: sometimes we get carried away and remove more than we intended, stripping the skin of natural components and potentially damaging its protective barrier. Think twice before reaching for face wipes. As an alternative, try our Cleansing Oil - these botanical oils and antioxidants nourish the skin without drying or stripping the skin, while removing the impurities of the day away from your face. 

Finding the Right Products

We offer a wide range of different products that include squalane, and even individuals with oily or mature skin can embrace the benefits of oils with the right formulations. We encourage the exploration of carefully crafted oil-based serums and creams, ensuring a harmonious balance for all skin types.

The Complete Lipid Restoring Oil is tailored to stressed, aging, and mature skin. This powerful formula promotes collagen synthesis and protects against sun damage. The oil is designed to nourish and hydrate the skin while also helping to restore its natural lipid barrier. Lipids are fats that are found in the outermost layer of the skin, and they play an important role in maintaining the skin's moisture levels and protecting it from environmental damage. As we age, our skin's lipid barrier can become compromised, leading to dryness, irritation, and other signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

The Revitalizing Nutrient Cream is a great cream to base a routine around, and while it casts a wide net, it contains foundational active ingredients that will take care of your skin needs. This cream contains over 25 active ingredients, including Squalane oil, to help provide you with the nutrients and antioxidants to revitalize your skin. For an added boost, our Ultimate Moisturizing Cream with ROS BioNet™ and Apocynin adds even more antioxidant action to the repairing work that Squalane oil is doing. Great for hydration, anti-aging, and damage control and repair, Ultimate Moisturizing Cream is a top-shelf product for a wide range of skin health needs.

Protecting your Skin Barrier

Preventing damage to the skin is easy, but how can you repair damage after or, better yet, be proactive in helping prevent future sun damage from happening? Our skin has evolved beautiful mechanisms to defend us from those dangers but evolution did not prepare us for suntans or city pollution. That is why, to make sure your skincare does its job all day long, you should pair it with sun protection to keep your skin barrier from being targeted by the sun’s UV rays. 

This lightweight, elegant formula can be easily layered under your makeup, sunscreen, or other morning products. The Moisturizing Antioxidant Day Cream is jam-packed with more active ingredients than most antioxidant facial serums and creams. It contains a combination of both botanical and protein antioxidants, including Skin Actives' exclusive formulas ROS BioNet™ and Sea Kelp Bioferment, which contribute to overall skin health. To help fade those pesky dark spots, use our UV Repair Cream. This Cream has a variety of active ingredients that will help improve overall skin tone and texture for healthier-looking skin.

Skin Actives offers a wide range of products made with squalane oil to protect and hydrate your natural skin barrier every step of your summer skincare process.

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