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Tips for Glowing Winter Skin and 3 New DIY Skincare Masks

Tips for Glowing Winter Skin and 3 New DIY Skincare Masks

Posted by Susan Katz on Jan 30th 2024

As winter sets in, our skin often faces the harsh effects of cold, dry air, both outdoors and indoors. Maintaining a radiant complexion during this season requires extra care and attention. Dr. Hannah Sivak, the visionary founder of Skin Actives, shares valuable insights and DIY skincare recipes to help your skin glow despite the winter chill. Let's explore these recipes and unveil the secrets to achieving a natural, healthy radiance.

Tips for Glowing Skin

Winter brings about dry and itchy skin, making it crucial to preserve the skin barrier. Dr. Sivak emphasizes the importance of removing the upper layers of cells from the epidermis to enhance light reflection if you want your skin to glow. However, this process must be approached with caution, especially in the winter when the skin is more vulnerable.

Exfoliation for Glowing Skin

For those seeking a quick fix, Skin Actives offers Glycolic Alpha Beta Exfoliant or Ascorbic Acid. Our 20% Vitamin C Serum, left on the skin for an adequate duration, can produce a similar effect. Dr. Sivak advises starting with a short duration, like 5 minutes, and being attentive to any tingling sensations. The key is to find the right balance without compromising the skin barrier.

Mild Acidity for Brightening without Damaging the Skin Barrier

To brighten the skin without compromising the barrier, Dr. Sivak suggests using mild acidity. Sea kelp bioferment, combined with ascorbic acid, provides a gentle solution. Gradually decrease the pH by adding 20% Vitamin C Serum drop by drop, monitoring the pH with pH paper. For an extra boost, consider incorporating White Willow Bark Powder for its beta hydroxy acid properties.

3 DIY Skincare Mask Recipes

Here are some DIY Skincare Masks from our resident skincare expert, Rachel Pierce.

Recovery and Rejuvenation Mask Recipe

  1. Empty the Sea Kelp Coral 4oz into a sterilized mixing bowl.
  2. Add ¼ tube of Beta Glucan Powder Oat and mix well
  3. Add 1 tube of Sodium PCA
  4. Gently mix in 1 tube of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor)
  5. This mask helps to repair and rejuvenate skin. Apply this mask generously, allowing it to sit on the face for 15 minutes before rinsing. Use weekly.

Overnight Repair Mask

  1. Use 4 oz of Every Lipid Serum
  2. Add 1 tube of Bisabolol and mix well
  3. This overnight mask focuses on anti-inflammation and lipid replenishment. Apply a generous amount before bedtime, allowing the skin to absorb the nourishing ingredients overnight. Use once or twice a week.

Oil Control Mask

  1. Empty 4oz Sea Kelp Coral into a sterilized mixing bowl
  2. Combine 1 tube each of Zinc PCA and White Willow Bark and mix well
  3. Gently mix in Honey Bee Defensin
  4. This mask targets blemishes and controls excess oil. Apply a thick layer and let it sit on the face for 15 minutes before rinsing. Use weekly.

Tips for Post Exfoliation Care

After removing an exfoliating mask, Dr. Sivak recommends using oils to replenish the skin. The Every Lipid Serum or Nourishing Skin Serum is suggested, providing essential fatty acids and lipids for skin recovery after exfoliation.

Our DIY facial masks offer a holistic approach to winter skincare, addressing the need for exfoliation, brightening, and nourishment. With these recipes, you can pamper your skin and achieve a radiant, glowing complexion even in the coldest months. Embrace the winter with confidence, knowing that your skincare routine is backed by the expertise of Skin Actives' founder.