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Embrace the Glow: The Beauty of Using Oils for Your Skin

Embrace the Glow: The Beauty of Using Oils for Your Skin

Posted by Susan Katz on Jan 23rd 2024

Trends come and go in the skincare industry. One persistent myth continues to deter many from achieving their skin's full potential – the fear of using oils. The common misconception that oils lead to greasy, oily skin has kept people at bay. At Skin Actives, we are on a mission to debunk this myth and illuminate the countless benefits of incorporating oils into your skincare routine.

Benefits of Adding an Oil Serum to Your Skincare Routine

Contrary to popular belief, oils can be a transformative addition to your skincare regimen. We advocate for the use of oil serums as an essential step in achieving radiant and healthy skin. These serums go beyond moisturizing; they provide deep nourishment, hydration, and support for a resilient and balanced skin barrier.

Imagine a serum that combines the richness of Squalane, the rejuvenating power of Rosehip Oil, the nourishment from Argan Oil, and the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E. Skin Actives' Every Lipid Serum is a testament to the harmonious blend of these ingredients, catering to all skin types. The result? A complexion that radiates health and vitality.

Who Should and Shouldn't Use Oils

The versatility of oils makes them suitable for a wide range of skin types. Skin Actives emphasizes that everyone, regardless of their skin type, can benefit from the right oil serum. The key lies in choosing a formulation that aligns with your skin's unique needs.

For those with dry and sensitive skin, Nourishing Skin Serum is a game-changer. Crafted with Squalane, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, and Flaxseed Oil, this serum not only hydrates but also soothes irritated skin. The addition of Cannabidiol (CBD) ensures a gentle solution for those with red or irritated skin.

Even individuals with oily skin can embrace the benefits of oils with the right formulations. Skin Actives encourages the exploration of carefully crafted oil-based serums, ensuring a harmonious balance for all skin types.

Highlighting Skin Actives Oil-Based Products

We take pride in offering a diverse range of oil-based serums to address various skin concerns:

  • Dry to normal skin: Our Every Lipid Serum is a rejuvenating facial oil that nourishes and supports a healthy skin barrier. The combination of Squalane, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, and more makes it suitable for all skin types.
  • Sensitive skin: Nourishing Skin Serum is specifically designed for very dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, this serum includes Cannabidiol (CBD) to reduce itching or stinging.
  • Aging skin: Complete Lipid Restoring Oil is tailored for stressed, aging, and dry skin, this powerful formula promotes collagen synthesis and protects against sun damage.
  • Blemish-prone skin: Ultra-Clarifying Blemish Oil is a gentle spot treatment for acne-prone skin, combining salicylic acid and retinol to encourage skin renewal and target imperfections.

How to Use Oil-Based Serums

To unlock the full potential of Skin Actives' oil-based serums, follow these simple steps for a luxurious and effective application. Begin by adding 2-3 drops of the chosen serum to your palm. Gently rub your hands together to evenly distribute the product. Next, with a delicate touch, pat your hands onto your face. This ensures a nice, even coat on the skin, allowing the nourishing ingredients to be absorbed seamlessly. Incorporate this ritual into your daily skincare routine to experience the transformative effects of these carefully crafted oil serums.

How to Integrate Oils into Your Skincare Routine

Wondering where to place an oil serum in your skincare routine? Skin Actives recommends adhering to the principle of layering products from thinnest to thickest. Start with lightweight products like toners, gradually moving towards thicker formulations. The oil-based serums, being rich and deeply nourishing, should find their place as the final step in your routine. This ensures that the benefits of the oils seal in the goodness of the previous products, leaving your skin with a radiant and protected finish.

Oil Based Skincare for the DIY Skincare Enthusiast

Skin Actives goes beyond providing ready-to-use serums; we empower you to personalize your skincare journey. Explore our selection of DIY skincare ingredients, including Squalane Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Vitamin E Oil. These versatile components can be used individually or blended to create customized skincare formulas. Whether you're a skincare enthusiast or a DIY aficionado, Skin Actives offers the building blocks for a skincare routine tailored to your unique needs. Here are 3 tips for incorporating our DIY oils into your current skincare routine.

  • Try adding a few droppers full of one of our DIY oils to your current moisturizer to increase the richness of your cream.
  • Add 1-2 drops in the palm of your hand of one of our DIY oils and gently massage into the skin. No need to mix into other products.
  • Add a few droppers full to your shower gel or body wash and shake well to mix for dry, itchy skin.  Shake before use.
  • Add a few droppers of Rosehip Seed Oil to your next bath for softer, smoother skin.

Oils for Your Nails

Our Nail and Cuticle Oil Serum is a secret weapon for achieving stronger and healthier nails and cuticles. This specialized serum, enriched with nourishing ingredients, works to hydrate and fortify your nails, promoting overall nail health. Pamper your nails with this targeted treatment to experience the beauty of well-nourished cuticles and stronger, more resilient nails. Elevate your self-care routine with Skin Actives' Nail and Cuticle Oil Serum, because beauty should be embraced from head to toe.

Skin Actives invites you to embrace the glow that comes with using oils for your skin. Bid farewell to the fear of greasiness and welcome the nourishment, hydration, and rejuvenation that oil serums can provide. With Skin Actives' thoughtfully crafted formulations, you can embark on a journey to achieve a radiant complexion that reflects the health and vitality of your skin. Give your skin the care it deserves and experience the transformative power of Skin Actives' oil-based serums. Illuminate your beauty and let your skin glow with confidence.