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Enhance Bath Time With Nourishing Bath Oils | Skin Actives

Enhance Bath Time With Nourishing Bath Oils | Skin Actives

Posted by Dr. Hannah Sivak and Brendan Leonard on Sep 29th 2020

A nice bath is the food that the weary soul needs.

It’s also a great way to take care of your body after meeting the challenges of the day.

There are a lot of great ways that people are leveling up their bath time routine these days. From classic bubble bath, to aromatherapy candles to bath bombs that look more like candy than anything else, you’ve got a lot of options available to you.

But what if your primary concern is the health of your body and the skin that you are living in? Sure there are lots of things you can buy that look and smell very nice, but are they taking care of you? What if you want to get healthy skin while you are soaking your aching muscles?

As always, Skin Actives Scientific is here for you!

Today we’ll discuss how to prepare a delightful bath that soothes and relaxes, while helping your skin at the same time. Read on!

5 Tablespoons - For Healthier Skin

It’s all about 5 tablespoons. “Of what?”, we hear you ask. 

5 Tablespoons of oil: that’s all that you need to diffuse into your bath to give it that little something extra. 

Take 5 tablespoons of your favorite Skin Actives oil, in case you haven’t picked one yet, we outline them below, and move it into a clean, unused bottle. 5 tablespoons comes to roughly 2.5 oz which may be easier for measuring purposes. 

Next add up to 50 drops mixing and matching your favorite essential oils for scent. 

Shake this together vigorously and you’ll have  enough bath oil for about 5 baths depending on how generously you use it.

Next time you take a bath, add in your new bath oil after you have finished running the hot water, and enjoy!

Skin Actives Nourishing Oils

Our great carrier oils will give your therapeutic bath time that extra boost for your skin! Pick one out from below, or experiment and try two!

Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - moisturizer, stretch marks, scars

Not everyone is familiar with what may become your new favorite source of lipids. Rosehip seed oil is a super-powerful moisturizer that we use extensively in our formulations. Additionally, it has properties that show it has the capacity to reduce stretch marks. These same properties have been shown in some cases to reduce scar tissue as well.

Squalane - moisturizer, anti-inflammatory

It’s name isn’t very pretty, but it works hard! Squalane oil is derived from olive fruit and is going to help you moisturize your skin. The difference here is that squalane has  anti-inflammatory properties. If you are struggling with tender, inflamed skin, this one is for you.

Vitamin E - antioxidants, free radical damage

We’re very fond of vitamin e at Skin Actives Scientific for its antioxidant power. Vitamin e is noteworthy for its ability to address free radical damage especially from UV sources. On its own, vitamin e is very thick. But if you mix it with any of our other carrier oils we think that you’ll find it ready to go for use in your bath. Dr. Sivak recommends you try rosehip seed oil first! 

Pomegranate - antioxidant, keratinocyte, acne

Pomegranate seed oil probably puts a nice image into your mind right? Well it’s good for your skin too! Pomegranate is another antioxidant that we recommend adding into your routine. It’s antioxidant action and higher levels of vitamin c have been shown to help address issues with acne, which is not just a problem for faces! Meanwhile pomegranate has been shown to protect your skin on a cellular level, pushing those all-important keratinocyte mechanisms.

Skin Actives' Has Essential Oils

Can’t decide on the essential oils that are right for you? Check out our Essential 2020 Booster with 13 essential oils selected for their antiviral, antibacterial properties. Not to mention their clean, refreshing scent! Add one in with your order today!

If you love oils and lipids like we do, then you should try our Every Lipid Serum or Cleansing Oil.  Your skin will thank you.

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