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Skin Actives Family Recipes

Skin Actives Family Recipes

Posted by Brendan Leonard and the Skin Actives Family on Sep 3rd 2021

Skin Actives started as a family business. Over a decade and a half of long hours and sometimes sleepless nights, we’ve made it a long way. Not as far or as fast as some other businesses that have grown up in our shadow, but much longer and more successful than many endeavors that are cooked up in a garage workshop and started with a small loan from a family member.

What’s made us successful? 

We could wax nostalgic about how hard we work or the foresight of our innovations, but the real truth of the matter is that the Skin Actives Family is what has made Skin Actives successful for 16 years. 

Our customers who have been with us from the jump all the way down to those that are receiving their very first newsletters as this blog is posted have contributed to testing an idea. The idea that skin care is for everyone. The idea that skin care can be and should be within reach. The idea that if you make the most scientifically proven products available, they will change people’s lives. The idea that you can become your own skin health expert.

For today’s blog we have something very simple to share with you. 

Below you will find 8 simple recipes created and tested by members of our Skin Actives Family and posted over the years.

Each one of these recipes was written and developed by people who believe in the same things, by people who knew that there had to be another way.

So here they are! Check them out and maybe you’ll find a way to improve the routine that you’ve been doing, day-in, day-out for years.

Do-It-Yourself Skin Care Recipes From Skin Actives Family Members

Each of these recipes presents a unique opportunity to sit down and spend a few minutes creating a fun project. The measurements on each recipe are left deliberately ambiguous so that you can use the knowledge that you have earned for yourself customizing the ultimate formulation that will work great for you.

No one knows you better than yourself after all!

Before you get started however, you should always:

  • Have a clean, well kept space in which to work
  • Assemble all the tools that you need to complete your project (this includes spatulas and mixing containers.
  • Have a receptacle that you are certain will have enough volume to contain your new creation. Remember that as you are adding new materials into your formulation, you are increasing the mass (weight) as well as volume (size) of the formulation that you are making.
  • Have fun!

Do-It-Yourself Retinyl Cream (by Colleen M.)

Anti-Aging Night Cream (Annette S.)

Simple Skin Toning Lotion (by Randy D.)

Easy-Up Rejuvenating Hair Mask (by Colleen M.)

Amino Boosting Cream (by Simona)

Refreshing Anti-Age Serum (by Karlah D.)

Every Day Tightening Serum (by Karlah D.)

Game Changer Antioxidant Cream (by Juana F.)

Skin Actives Facebook Group

Why are we taking the time to look at the formulations of the Skin Actives Family?

Well, because for us, it’s a tradition!

All the way back in the beginning, Skin Actives maintained a forum. (This was a long time ago, but some of you who are reading this now may remember!)

This was a really wild and innovative time in the history of Skin Actives and for a while, the Skin Actives forum was an awesome place to meet people interested in skin care, get info straight from Dr. Hannah about her ideas on formulation, post cute pictures of your pets, and, most importantly, swap the results of your personal DIY formulations with others.

That was a long time ago though and the rise of social media sort of swept the demand for the forum away. After a while we let it go. It’s probably bouncing around out there somewhere in the etherspace, but nothing new is really happening there. We were sad to see the forum go, we made so many incredible connections there. For a while it looked like the world was just a place where you didn’t need such things, and we kept in touch with the Skin Actives Family via our Facebook page, Instagram, and of course this blog.

Sometimes it seems like everything old is new again! Forums are back! But now they are called Facebook Groups. To that we give a hearty “lol”! As it turns out running a forum was a lot of work and we’re more than happy to let Facebook bear that load if they want to.

In the meantime, we’re creating a place where members of the Skin Actives Family can get together, share their formulations, get to know one another and post pictures of cute pets again.

Head over to our Facebook Group today and join up! We’ll be happy to see you once again after so many years!