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Ceramide Powder

Skin Concern:
Dryness, Redness & Irritation
Skin Type:
Normal to dry skin types

Ceramide Powder can help increase overall skin hydration as well as soothe and protect the skin.  Use ceramides if you want to reduce skin roughness and increase overall skin hydration. This active is also especially useful for sensitive, dry skin because this polar lipid helps soothe and protect the skin. Ceramide powder is for advanced DIY mixers who know how to use it.  Buy Ceramide powder or try one of our ready-made formulas like Every Lipid Serum or Revitalizing Nutrient Cream.

Create an advanced skincare formula by including Ceramide Powder in your daily routine. Your DIY mixture can help maximize the effects on your skin, and by adding Ceramide, you can expect your skin to feel more hydrated. Ceramide powder is for advanced users only, use as directed. 

Ceramides helps increase overall skin hydration as well as soothe and protect the skin.

How to use it

Advanced: This ingredient is recommended for use at up to 1% in formulations. We recommend adding this ingredient to the heated oil phase of an emulsion for best results. The ingredient can be added to completed formulations, but it will require heating in a separate oil before adding to any cream or oil-based serum. We recommend heating the ingredient in rosehip seed oil until the solution is visibly free of any granules. The solution must be added to the cream while it is still warm or the solution will cool to a butter-like consistency that does not easily mix into a base cream.

Quick Tips

Store in a cool, dark location.

For Topical Use Only, Not Intended for Consumption.

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