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Protecting Your Natural Skin Barrier During the Summer

Protecting Your Natural Skin Barrier During the Summer

Posted by Skin Actives Scientific on May 15th 2024

If you read our last blog, then you understand that the importance of applying a daily sunscreen is paramount to maintaining a healthy skin barrier. However; we cannot forget that a proper skin care routine features an ensemble of other skin care products that, when combined with a sunscreen, protect your skin from the harsh environment and early signs of aging.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no perfect skin care routine or regimen. Every routine is different because every skin type is different. Dr. Sivak says that “there is no evidence to support that a perfect skincare routine does in fact exist.” What we can do instead, is work with a schedule and set of products that will ensure you follow the right steps to achieving happy and healthy skin.” We’re here to highlight our favorite cleansers, serums, exfoliants, and moisturizers that support the barrier of sunscreen applied atop.

STEP ONE: Gentle and Effective Cleansing Solutions

The first step to following any good routine is starting with a cleanser. At Skin Actives we provide different options for all types of skin. Regardless of the skin you’re in: we’ve got you covered.

Our Cleansers:

  • Gentle Face Cream Cleanser: Our Gentle Cream Cleanser is ideal for all skin types, but is exceptional for sensitive and dry skin. It gently cleanses without stripping natural oils, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. 
  • Salicylic Cleanser: Perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin, it gently exfoliates without drying, clearing pores and improving skin texture. Enriched with Sea Kelp Bioferment for added nutrients, it's a must-have for a flawless skincare routine. It’s also suitable for oily skin types and those who tolerate medium-level peels.
  • Daily Cleansing Gel: This product is great for all skin types; even oily or combination skin. This gentle cleanser creates a rich lather, leaving your face feeling refreshed without drying out your skin. Enriched with Tremella and Aloe Extract, it nourishes and hydrates, revealing clean, fresh, and glowing skin.

STEP TWO: Reveal Your Skin’s Natural Glow

When we say glow, we’re talking about your skin health. Over the course of the day your skin picks up all sorts of pollution from the environment that surrounds you. So what do you need to get started with glowing skin? We recommend a good exfoliant to follow your cleansing routine:

  • Vitamin C Serum 20%: Combat aging and photodamage. This powerful serum visibly improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, leaving your complexion smoother, softer, and brighter. With L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin E, and Ferulic Acid, it fights free radicals and protects against UV damage during the day, making it suitable for normal, oily, and combination skin.
  • Vitamin A Serum: Retinoids fight blemishes but are known for their harsh side effects. The use of any retinol will make your skin more sensitive to UV light, hence the reason a Vitamin A Serum step is at night. Skin Actives Vitamin A Serum is formulated with a very mild retinol so that you can avoid embarrassing blemishes without damaging your skin or encountering the serious side effects associated with prescription drugs.
  • Vitamin A Cream: Skin Actives Vitamin A Cream is your answer to healthy retinols at night. Retinols promote cell turnover that will work to erase lines and wrinkles from your face. For mature skin 55+, consider the Advanced Ageless version of Vitamin A Cream to triple up on the antioxidant power of Apocynin and ROS* BioNet.

STEP THREE: Use Targeted Treatment Serums 

Most skincare advertising targets customers around one ingredient, or a super powerhouse product combining multiple ingredients claiming they will make all the difference. In reality, there is no single product that will address every skin concern. Period. So from a routine point of view, it makes more sense to include a range of products to include at each step in your daily skincare routine.

Here are some of our customer favorited serums for day and night care along with instructions for use.

  • Collagen Serum: Apply a thin layer of collagen serum to your face, neck, decolletage and hands, or really just anywhere you want to see it work! Skin Actives classic Collagen Serum is our best selling anti-age serum. Formulated with our favorite ingredients including Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Sea Kelp Coral, and a host of antioxidants, Collagen Serum gets your cells to work for you! And for 55+ year old skin, try our Advanced Ageless formulation with added Apocynin and protein blend, ROS BioNet.
  • Every Lipid Serum: At Skin Acitves we use argan oil as a carrier for antioxidants like astaxanthin, tocotrienols and vitamin E. Argan is also included in our Every Lipid Serum (ELS), which nourishes very dry skin and provides every lipid necessary to help support a healthy skin barrier.
  • Antioxidant Serum: Skin Actives Antioxidant Serum has been around almost as long as the company itself. Antioxidant Serum is one of our workhorse products, and a great product to include in your morning routine. It is specially formulated for combination skin making it easy to use it for a wide variety of concerns. Pro-tip: you can also add ELS to build a healthy skin barrier afterwards!
  • High Potency EGF Serum: High Potency EGF Serum is the ultimate solution for revitalizing aging, thinning, or damaged skin with this serum. Packed with 10 times the amount of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) compared to other serums, this powerful formula boosts cell turnover and nurtures the skin's natural recovery process.
  • STEP FOUR: Ensure All-Day Moisture

    Moisturize skin simply looks healthier. And that natural glow that shines when you are taking care of your skin is the most attractive indicator of self-care. Not all moisturizers are created equally, so we have formulated a number of options for you to enjoy.

    • Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer: This nourishing cream is dense in nutrients and other actives so it will take you a long way with your skin care goals. Replete with Sea Kelp Bioferment, hydrolyzed collagen and coenzyme Q10, this moisturizing cream is one of our all time bestsellers.
    • Ultimate Moisturizing Cream: Ultimate Moisturizing Cream combines the restorative power of Sea Kelp Bioferment with a host of nourishing lipids. Jojoba combined with avocado, sweet almond, and squalane oils deliver important fatty acids to the skin. For mature skin 55+, consider the Advanced Ageless Ultimate Moisturizing Cream to triple up on the antioxidant power of Apocynin and ROS* BioNet.
    • UV Repair Cream: Great for both healthy prevention as well as skin repair, UV Repair Cream is great if you want to avoid UV damage in the future, or if you want to reverse damage now. It will help improve overall skin tone and texture by reducing the formation of dark spots. This cream also provides anti-aging benefits for healthy looking skin. It’s no substitute for sunscreen, but well worth working into your routine! 

    Treat yourself to healthy, glowing, beautiful skin all year-round with a routine that is specific to your needs. Apply SPF daily and then follow with the regimen that works best for you, and you are sure to shine all summer long.

    If you are still unsure of what routine you should follow, then be sure to check out our Skin Care Quiz to help guide you with the perfect starter regimen.

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